A few final thoughts on Xubuntu 8.04

It was a few weeks ago that I decided to use Xubuntu just to play around with it some more. It works well, all of the programs work, yet I cannot get Xubuntu 8.04 to go into standby mode. But since I can get Ubuntu to use almost as few resources as Xubuntu does I see no reason not to just use Ubuntu. That, and the fact that at least Ubuntu 8.04 can go into standby mode while when I click on standby in Xubuntu 8.04 the system just sits there and mocks me. That, and Ubuntu is more stable than Xubuntu. I have also posted a few new screenshots of Xubuntu 8.04 up.  Well, this post was short and simple unlike the last one, that is all for now.


Chess in Linux

There are many (not all are very good) chess games in Linux. There is the one installed by default with the small game packages that come with Ubuntu and most versions of Linux that use Gnome, but I do not like this one very much. It is ok for basic play, but it is really not that good.

Another chess game that is slightly better is Dreamchess. This one looks fine and plays decently, but I do not really care for the pictures that represent those playing. There are also far better chess games in Linux. For an some reason though, I cannot get Dreamchess to load on the system I am currently using. Maybe it is because I am using the ATI Rage 128 Pro and the fact that this card has no driver in Linux. I should still be able to play a game of chess though.

PyChess is another chess game in Linux. I do not like either of the chess engines that PyChess can use (GNUChess and PyChess), but maybe it was just the way that PyChess used them. The computer made  decisions to quickly and did not play very well. I also believe that the artists for this program could have made the pieces look nicer and appear more physically attractive.

Brutal Chess is actually pretty good. The board and pieces look nice, the AI is good, it actually take time to make a move. Alas, this game will also not load correctly. I imagine that I am having the same problem that Dreamchess is giving me, which is to bad.

3D Chess is an odd, yet interesting game. You have three boards upon which to play, a few new pieces, and no manual to tell me how the new pieces work!!! But this game looks quite cool though, a bit like chess in Star Trek. All it needs is a manual or a link to a website containing documentation. Also, there is no AI to handle this game, so you must have another person to play with. I also like the board names which are x, y, and z.

My favorite chess game in Linux though is pouet Chess. The computer fights quite effectively in this. Depending on the setting of difficulty, the system can take anywhere from two to ninety seconds to make a decision on a move. Playing against pouet Chess is harder than other game or person that I have ever played. I personally recommend this game for anyone really interested in chess. The board and pieces are also beautifully designed, more so than in any of the other chess games, including the two that refuse to run on my current system. I will probably add more to this review later, but for now I will just add a few pictures.  Look here for more screenshots of various chess programs in Linux. Have fun everyone.

Playing Pychess        How do I play 3D Chess again?     My favorite, pouet Chess(now only if I cold beat it)

Chess in Linux Screenshots

Xubuntu 8.04 Beta works fine

Since Xubuntu uses mostly the same programs as Ubuntu this review will be rather short. Everything works fine, except for some reason Xubuntu 8.04(or any -buntu 8.04) will not detect my scanner. Printing works just fine on my HP Deskjet F4180, but Xsane just keeps telling me that it cannot detect the scanner. That is my only real qualm with any 8.04 version of Ubuntu at this point.

Xubuntu 8.04 boots up quickly, runs almost exactly as it should, and does it very fast. All of the programs (except for Xsane) work like they are supposed to.  From what I have seen so far from Xubuntu 8.04 there is only that one bug I mentioned. I am so glad that my system can actually go into standby mode under Ubuntu now. I wish that the sound card would turn back on after waking up out of standby mode but this is still a vast improvement over what my system did before. I wish I could think of more to write, but there is really not much else to say. I shall have to do more research and play around with Xubuntu 8.04 some more. If you would like to see some screenshots of Xubuntu 8.04 I put them on the page “Linux Screenshots“. The download location for all beta versions of Ubuntu is here at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta.