Trying out Debian 4.0

I decided that since Ubuntu is based on Debian that I should see how well Debain works. I have found many things to be more logical(or simpler) in Debian than in Ubuntu. For instance, to attain DVD playback all I had to do was add a few lines to the “etc/apt/sources.list” file, type in “apt-get update” and “apt-get install libdvdcss2” and I was able to play a DVD. It seems that Debian 4.0 was already able to play mpeg files. DVD playback in Ubuntu caused me so much grief for a time.

Debain 4.0 comes with basically the same things that Ubuntu does(Epiphany and Iceweasel instead of Firefox though) yet the ISO file was 150 MB smaller than the Ubuntu ISO file. My system monitor also tells me that I am using only about 124 MB of RAM right now while playing a CD and using Epiphany at the same time. Ubuntu 7.10 uses about 230 MB with no programs running. Debian 4.0 also gives you two terminal, the Root Terminal and Terminal. If I need to use a bunch of commands that require root access I only have to type in my root password once to open up the Root Terminal. I shall elaborate more on Debain 4.0 later. One more thing, I also added some Debian 4.0 screenshots and put all of the screenshot pages under “Screenshots of Linux“. One more thing, are you all right Alex?

Note(I am adding this on 2008-03-04):I forgot to mention that I had compiz-fusion and a few other services running in the background. That is why Ubuntu was using up more RAM.