How well did PC-BSD 1.5 work for me?

Pretty well actually. The system was stable, I had few problems, except for the fact that I always had to run PC-BSD in safe mode. I wonder what the difference between starting up normally and starting up in safe mode is? I also managed to fail in installing the Nvidia graphic driver, so I was unable to take any screenshots of playing a video or DVD.

I was able to find enough programs to get some use out of BSD. I went to that are easy to install since all you have to do is double click on the PBI file to install it, which is much easier than dealing with a tarball. Some of the programs I had installed were K3B, OpenOffice, Firefox, KTorrent, Kaffeine, Amarok, JRE 1.5and a few other things that just come with the KDE desktop environment.

It was also nice that with PC-BSD some codecs and Adobe Flash Player(only 7 though) was already installed and set up for me. It was mostly effortless to use PC-BSD 1.5, although I wish that I did not have to start it in safe mode on the system I was able to use it on. So if you also would like to try PC-BSD 1.5 just go to  You can also find my screenshots here.

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