Xubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” Screenshots

Here’s the desktop:

software  desktop


Here’s the update utility:


update_1 update_2 update_3

A shot of the package manager:


Some shots of Firefox:

Screenshot - 1   screenshot-2    firefox_3


Take a look at AbiWord:



Here’s the media player, Parole playing a DVD:

predators_8   riddick_4   ghosts of mars_2

Here’s Parole failing to play an audio CD though:


The almighty Terminal:

terminal_2 terminal_4


Transmission, a torrent program:

transmission transmission_1

The CD/DVD writing program, Xfburn:

xfburn xfburn_1 xfburn_2 xfburn_3

At least VLC player figured out how to read an audio CD

vlc vlc_1 vlc_2


Celestia, a very interesting astronomy program:

J_Herschel_5173_A Neptune_1 solar_system Titan

The HP Device Manager as viewed from Xubuntu:


Task Manager 1.0.1

Task_Manager Task_Manager_2

GL-117, an interesting aerial combat game:

Screenshot - 11182014 - 08:10:06 PM  GL-117_1   Screenshot - 11182014 - 08:16:30 PM Screenshot - 11182014 - 08:07:53 PM



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