Ubuntu 8.04 Screenshots

Here is the desktop of Ubuntu 8.04. My personal theme.


Firefox 3, the default web browser.

imprimis.png Getting OpenSolaris Conservative site

Using Transmission, the default torrent program.

Playing a DVD with Totem Movie Player. Playing some music and a .mov file too.

This is the default movie player of Ubuntu.

bluesub6.png 804t3.png

Sound Juicer, an audio CD extractor.

804sj1.png 804sj2.png

Rythmbox, the default audio player.

rythmbox12.png rythmbox11.png

The all powerful Root Terminal.


Using the Update Manager.

804um1.png 804um2.png

The Nautilus File browser, and burning a CD image with it.


OpenOffice Writer 2.3        Using OpenOffice Presentation

openwriter.png 804oop1.png

Plotting a function with KmPlot


Using Compiz-Fusion, some graphical effects that leave me twitterpated.


Exploring the universe with Celestia.

804cl1.png 804cl2.png 804cl3.png

804cl4.png 804cl5.png

Using the Control Center


Using the System Monitor

Burning a disc image with Brasero

804br2.png 804br3.png 804br1.png

Messing around with Gnomebaker


2 Responses to “Ubuntu 8.04 Screenshots”

  1. ncaditya.com Says:

    Great screenshots! I am really impressed with the art work in 8.04.


  2. Ubuntu 8.04 on a laptop « The Wheatland Linux User’s Group Weblog Says:

    […] Ubuntu 8.04 Screenshots […]

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