PC-BSD 1.5.1 “Thomas Edison” edition screenshots

The basic desktop of PC-BSD 1.5

Using OpenOffice 2.4

My English IV final—-Great book

Failing to install the Nvidia driver using the root terminal

Why won\'t you work!!!

Using Firefox.

Good company—–Easy to use—–I still like AMD better

Using Konqueror, a file manager, control center, and web browser

—–—–Must...get...AC97 drivers

Playing an audio CD using Amarok

I just love Hande\'s Messiah

Using the system monitor, KSysGuard (who comes up with these names?).

—–Never enough RAM

K3B, a fine optical disc burning program.

A simple text editor

Using KTorrent, why do all of these KDE programs have to start with “k”?!?!


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