Ubuntu Alternate install instructions

This is almost like the Debian installer, except this does not ask what mirrors you want to update off of. I like the alternate install as this is faster than the desktop installer. Here are the steps:

1. This is setting up the language.

2. This is setting up country and localization settings.

3. Step 3 is setting up the keyboard. There is an option that states this can be detected automatically but I suggest that you specifcally tell the installer what keyboard you are using. For most of you it will just be the default USA keyboard.

4. The installer is just detecting what hardware you have.

5. Network setup, the installer tries to use DHCP to acquire an IP address and subnet mask, and if this fails, asks you how you want to configure network access. Then the installer wants to know what name you will give the computer.

6. This is just setting up the system clock.

7. Partitioning the hard drive, if you are new to Linux I would suggest choosing the option on top which is something like “resize SCSI 1 (0,0,0) partition #1(sda) use freed space“, unless you are like me and you feel like doing it manually or you want to setup RAID drives.

8. The base system(the kernel) is installed.

9. The installer then proceeds to ask your full name and setup your account.

10. Proxy setup, most if you will not have to deal with this, but for those of you who do you enter enter your username, password and what port your proxy server works on(probably 8080) in the format that the installer tells you to use.

11. Almost finished, now the system asks if you are sure you want to do this, and you decide if you want to do so or not.


2 Responses to “Ubuntu Alternate install instructions”

  1. Muhammad Gelbana Says:

    So this is for the Alternate CD installer ? What difference does it make than installing using the other installer iso ? Does install the minimum of ubuntu ? Pardon me if this sounds primitive !

  2. chepe263 Says:

    there’s no graphical desktop on Ubuntu Alternate Install. You will have to install it for yourself.

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