How to get Linux

You can download the ISO file from here, I will put instructions as to how to burn an ISO file soon. It is not hard though. You could probably figure it out on your own. If you like I could also send you an Ubuntu, Kubuntu, or Xubuntu disc. Just post a comment saying when you want and where, or e-mail me at to give instructions as to how to give you the disc. You download the ISO file for Xubuntu from If you want Kubuntu go to


Other versions of Linux:







And for UNIX:

PC-BSD is a good version of UNIX

Sun Solaris 10 is also fine



One Response to “How to get Linux”

  1. Kad Says:

    My favorite ISO recorder for Windows is titled… well… “ISO Recorder” Haha. (

    It’s quite nifty. You download it, and then when you wish to burn an ISO, you right click the ISO file, click “Copy Image to a CD” and the rest is easy. Here are a link to the instructions. (as well as a great many instructions for other programs with ISO writing capabilities)

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