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4 Responses to “Suggestions”

  1. Michael Says:

    Maybe if there was something about Chuck Norris or more Ninja’s it would be better.

  2. ccna01 Says:

    I thought that Walker Texas Ranger was really cool.

  3. Kad Says:

    Haha. I particuarly liked the ‘Billy G’ clip. That was quite neat.

  4. Mean Old Man Says:

    Dear Mr. Limon,

    I have heard that there are some people in the world who still use windose. Is this true? Can there be anyone so entirely misinformed and mislead as to install the world’s most dangerous virus on his computer.

    Of course, those in the know buy only Macintosh computers and run OS whatever on it.

    Ordinarily, I would not trouble you with this voluminous missive, but I am having my feet held to the fire by Mrs. Sullivan and they are beginning to blister.

    Ignorance is bliss and I’m a most blistered fellow.

    TTFN, Mom

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