Ubuntu 8.04 on a laptop

For a few short weeks I was doing a few tasks that required me to use Windows, but I am finally using Linux again. I am currently running Ubuntu 8.04 on a laptop, the Toshiba Satellite 1135-S125. It runs pretty well, I should hope so considering that most of the hardware in this computer is from Intel.

Unlike many people I seem to have no trouble using two screens. Another really cool thing that happens for some reason is that Ubuntu 8.04 somehow manages to get around the school’s web filter and proxy server, and ISA server without even being asking for authentication. I have no clue as to why this happens though.

A few problems though, the mouse on the laptop does not work and the hardware switch to turn on an internal wireless NIC is broke, I can switch it on and the wireless NIC would still stay off. The sound card also decides to put out gargled and incomprehensible sound sometimes. I shall write more on this later and put up a few new screenshots too. Those can be found here, but I prefer you to go http://ccna01.oxyhost.com/blog/?page_id=32.

Sin Cere,

Dirk Limon


3 Responses to “Ubuntu 8.04 on a laptop”

  1. Laptop » Blog Archive » Ubuntu 8.04 on a laptop Says:

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  2. baize Says:

    baize says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Suresh Kumar Says:

    I installed Ubuntu Linux in my PC. i really very impressed with GUI Features.Especially Desktop Look and Feel, lot of usefull tools for Desktop Users. I appreciate their Hard work.

    I wish the Great Success for Mobile Obuntu Linux too.

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