HPLIP troubles in Ubuntu 8.04

I had some problems with my HP Deskjet F4180 All-in-One, the scanner part anyway. I downloaded the HPLIP utility through Synaptic, installed it, and set up my printer using “sudo hp-setup“. The printing part worked fine, but scanning to my computer always failed in Ubuntu 8.04. There was no such problem in earlier versions of Ubuntu. So I looked around at ubuntuforums.org, then went to hplip.sourceforge.net, and downloaded HPLIP 2.8.4(automatic installer), saving it to my desktop.

To installed this utility, first run the command “cd” in whatever directory you saved the HPLIP utility in (example: “cd /home/dirk/desktop”), and then run “sh-hplip 2.8.4.run“. Make sure that you have your Linux installation disc ready. Once running the last command given in the terminal, you have a few different installation options which are: automatic, a web installer, and custom(what I used). You should be able to figure it out from here but I have attached many pictures just in case some part of my instructions made no sense. Godspeed to you.

Installing HPLIP 2.8.4

part 1                              part 2                           part 3                        part 4                       part 5

part 6                          part 7

I can finally use XSane.


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